CTDP Formula One 2005

CTDP Formula One 2005

CTDP brings the exciting Formula 1 2005 season to rFactor
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Formula 1 has been, and still is, the pinnacle of 4-wheel motor-sports. Each year is filled with stories of struggle, success and excitement. Therefore, it is not a surprise that there is a great amount of people willing to drive these cars, even if they are on their PC. CTDP is a development team that has been creating season mods since F1 Challenge, now with rFactor (created by the same people as F1C), they released their mod for the 2005 season. As you would expect, this mod has all the cars and liveries of the 2005 Formula 1 season. The first one with new tire rules (modeled in the mod) and the first of Alonso's championships. The models have very high detail as well as the car textures, making them very close to reality. The sounds are good and you can spend hours just hearing them in the tunnel at Monaco. CTDP wanted the physics of the cars to be as real as possible, and they are certainly really good, though there are some minor glitches here and there. The mod also adds 3 types of tires for the two manufacturers in that season. It was really a season to remember, with memorable cars like the Mclarens, and the power of the Renaults. If you want to relieve those days, download this mod, it is the best one for the 2005 season.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great mod for rFactor


  • Small physics issues
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